Mega Cloud Storage Services offers 50GB Free Space

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Today time is very precious, we spend most of the time, travelling around from work and home. Meeting a deadline at the office meeting and presentation has become hectic. Thanks to the technology that we can now carry all-important work related files and documents on our iPads or Android devices. We have many cloud storage services available online which makes it easy to make minor edits and correction on the go.

Traditionally we would have to carry the documents physically using a compact disc or a USB drive in our bags from work to home. Then yet another task on the PC or laptop is to access the files using the USB drive or compact disc. One could also access a few files using emails. Now we not only wish to access our work at home and at the office but also while we are travelling in a bus or a car using our mobile devices or tablets. Some of these devices do not even have USB port. This is where Cloud storage service like Mega comes handy.

Mega offers 50GB of free secure cloud storage space. In addition to this, you can upgrade space to the various paid subscription plans available once the user logs on to the application.

Mega offers its storage facility for Android and iPhone and there is a Desktop version available. It is a very secure application where the data encrypted and decrypted from client devices and not on the server side. This makes it very important for users to have the Master Key backup as the password cannot be reset from the server side. In case, we forget the password users will lose access to their stored files.


Mega_storeUsing Mega we can upload files via smartphone or tablet and later search, store, download, stream, view, share, rename or delete your files anytime, from any device, anywhere. Folders can be shared with the contacts added in the app and updated in real-time. Mega also allows Get pictures from MEGA from other apps (Whatsapp, Gmail, etc)

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