Prisma App – Creates Work Of Art Using AI

Prisma App TechnoSearch1We are fascinated by the work of art of various artists like Munk, Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan. Now we can have our photos clicked on cams and in our galleries transformed to art similar to that of the greats mentioned above as well as world famous ornaments and patterns with the help of Prisma App. With the combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence, we can turn memorable moments into timeless art.

It is super easy to use and will make you fall in love with photo filters all over again. It is way superior to the filters used on Instagram and makes your photos look stunning, work of art.

Speaking about the app Prisma App co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov said in an interview Thursday “We do the image fresh, It’s not similar to the Instagram filter where you just layer over … We draw something like a real artist would.”

The Prisma App is already making waves with over 1 million daily users attracted towards it. Easy to use App which is available for iOS and Android.




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