Reliance Jio TV Launched With Major Channels

Reliance Jio TvWith Data prices dropping every day thanks to Reliance Jio offering awesome plans to people. The lower price rates of data have surely encouraged masses to go beyond, normally they would be browsing facebook or youtube but now are getting used to Netflix, Prime Video and Hotstar. Slowly but surely people are seeing the internet as an alternative to DTH or Cable Television.There are many Television Apps available like DittoTV which offer services @Rs 20 per month. But Reliance Jio is really coming into its own offering services like Reliance Jio TV, JioMusic, Jio Cinema apps which come free with every Jio Prime Subscription for one year.

Reliance Jio TV app offered around 350 channels back in December though a lot is needed to work on by the app when it comes navigating the app. Most of the content on Reliance Jio TV started its service streaming mostly regional content, around 200 plus channels when it was initially launched.

Currently three months down the line it has grown with around 430 channels which include international channel like HBO HD going live on Sunday, April 30. These channels include 62 HD channels consisting of 23 English, 22 Hindi, 4 Telugu, Three channels in Bengali, Kannada, and Malayalam. Marathi and Tamil come with 2 HD channels. SD channels offered by Reliance Jio TV offers 10 categories in 15 languages, including one in Nepali. The composition consists of 145 Hindi SD channels and 63 English SD channels.The subscription comes with a Reliance Jio TV Box similar to the set top box. With the swipe of the buttons to the left or right one can see the upcoming shows and the shows that have been already aired. On moving it up and down you are able to view the various channels available. You switch to thumbnail view to look at channels while search lets you look for content, and channels.

Apart from the Jio’s content selection feature it also has added a small tweak making it easier for users to mark shows or movies to record for watching later. The Jio offers to catch up with a few select shows and you can only view movies available live. So it makes clear you will not be able to record a movie or schedule the movie for later viewing using Reliance Jio TV.

Otherwise, the app works pretty much as expected – tap on any channel and you can start viewing. You can minimise the video and browse through other channels while you keep watching, and as mentioned above, you have the option of scheduling recordings so that you can watch shows offline – after they have aired, of course. The saving takes place automatically. Unfortunately, while you can schedule an upcoming show to save, it’s not possible to save a show that has already aired, even if it’s available under the catch-up listings.The limited competition that Reliance Jio Tv can get is from DittoTV app, though the channels offered are less around 100 channels. Most of the channels broadcasted belong to Zee TV, its parent body. Overall its has limited channel exposure and also does not include Zee Cafe. Comparatively, Reliance Jio TV is aggressively adding more and more channels to its list and racing to a phase called cord-cutters.

The concepts of “cord-cutters” is common in the west where people get rid of their cable subscriptions to get their TV via the Internet. This is not the present scenario in India but that day is not away with Reliance Jio offering Summer Surprise Offer or the Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer, you get at least 1GB of data every day, which allows you to easily watch an hour or two of television while also using the Internet for other things within the FUP limit.

India is certainly going through the Digital Phase.


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