3D Optical Finger Mouse

3D Optical Finger Mouse-TechnoSearch

The Lord of the Rings Mini USB 3D Optical Finger Mouse is very handy when it comes to saving desk space. Traditional optical mouse  wired or unwired is placed on the desk which consumes the desk space. Whereas the Lord of the Rings Mini USB 3D Optical Finger Mouse can easily be strapped to the finger and you are good to go.

We simply strap the tiny device on the finger and guide it similar to how we would with a desk mouse. It looks like we can track it simply by the guiding the laser movement but it is not the case.  We need to place the laser on the table as would in the regular optical desk mouse. The video below will help you understand better.

The overall size of the mouse is not huge and the buttons are well placed for you to click or drag to the desired position on the screen or scroll up and down the screen . It has an overall neat design.

You can buy this mouse on Amazon.in or Shopclues.com as it is reasonably priced around Rs 299/-.



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