Create Digital Art Using Crayons And Pencils

digital art TechnoSearch 1IFA technology show in Berlin showcases a slate that can make digital art of drawings as they are sketched on paper. French start-up iskn produces this stunning slate which can transform drawings from paper to digital art.
The Slate has been designed with the creative people in mind who have a fondness of drawing on paper with pencils. These people will find themselves at ease as the Slate offers the natural feel of drawing on paper while enjoying the limitless possibilities of digital art.iskn_slate_how_it_works_EN_desktopThe Slate has 32 sensors which track the exact position of the user’s pen, which is enhanced with a magnetic ring which you can use with a crayon or a pencil.iskn_ring_pencil_rainingThe Ring is a removable ring that makes a wide variety of pens and pencils compatible with the Slate.
User can enjoy the feel of paper and use any choice of paper they like to sketch on . Simply place the paper on the Slate and let your talent shine. User can use Rice Paper, Bristol kraft or a sheet of newspaper, simply place it on the Slate and the magic begins. It supports a A5 size drawing surface areadigital art TechnoSearchThe Slate comes with a app named Imagink for iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows. Presently it is working on the Android support version and hope it will be released soon.The App comes with various drawing tools to give users a unique effects like drawing pencils, markers, even reed pens and reproduces them on the screen.Digital Art TechnoSearch 4The Slate is light and compact and easy to carry anywhere you go. The drawing are instantly reproduced on the screen via Bluetooth (iPad/iPhone) or USB (Mac and PC). Users can choose the screenless mode and save the drawings directly to the Slate’s internal memory. The batteries can support upto 8 hours of continuous work. It has 8GB memory which can easily store more than 800,000 sheets.

The Slate is currently facing a stiff competition from computer giant Lenovo which has also unveiled a notebook computer with similar features built in.


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