Honor To Launch Smartphone With Kirin 650 Chipset This Month in India

honor-5C-Technosearch-3In a press release today Honor, the e-brand from Huawei revealed it will launch a smartphone in India with the latest Kirin 650 chipset.Though no further information is known about the smartphone, reports points towards the Honor 5c which is to be launched in Malaysia in Grey and Silver colour variants. Each will be priced around RM799 ie Rs 13000 roughly, whereas a Gold model will cost around RM849 ie. Rs 13900/- approx.
honor-5C-Technosearch-2The Honor comes with decent specs having 2GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage, Android Marshmallow operating system, 13 Megapixel rear camera with LED, 8 Megapixel selfie Camera, Dual SIM, 4G WiFi, Bluetooth and a 3000 mAh Battery.
honor-5C-Technosearch-1It has the latest Kirin 650 chipset which has been made with FinFET Plus 16 nm chip technology.
The Kirin 650 comes with a silicon chip level protection. The Chipset overall promises to offer a faster performance as compared to the previous 28nm chipsets resulting in reducing energy loss and all-round solutions to lagging, slowness and heat build up.
honor-5C-Technosearch-4“Kirin 650 is a first to be introduced in India by Honor with a processor that offers 100% better performance for GPU and 65% better CPU performance when compared to the Kirin 620 processor. Moreover, the power consumption is reduced by 40% Vs Kirin 620,” Huawei claimed in the press release.
“The Kirin 650, although positioned in the middle of the market, actually employs 16 nm FinFET Plus technology, making it two generations ahead of the competition due to its greatly improved performance and reduced power consumption. The Kirin 650 also comes with silicon-chip level protection that ensures user security, handling key information like fingerprints, keypad, and voice,” the release further added.


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