Microsoft Building a Smartphone-cum-Tablet

Reports suggest Microsoft has filed a patent application for a device that looks like a tablet. It can fold in half the size of a smartphone with the help of flexible hinges which will transform a phone into a tablet.

The flexible hinges will allow users to set up the tablet in tent mode similar to Lenovo Yoga tablet.Tech site The Verge on Tuesday reported about the Microsoft device said – “There appears to be modes for two or three screens to extend flat out to make the device bigger and more of a tablet like Microsoft’s original Courier concept,”

Microsoft is working on introducing a few devices, like the Surface Pro 5 tablet in the first quarter of 2017. The Surface Pro 5 2-in-1 device will have an ultra HD display and magnetic charging stylus. It will be manufactured by Pegatron Technology.

Apart from this also a new Surface Pen is in the pipeline to support the Surface Book 5. The pen will use a magnetic charging which is first for the company’s Surface Pro line.


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