Moky – Worlds First Invisible Touchpad Keyboard

MOky-keyboard-TechnosearchMoky is too good to be true though yet it is a masterly stroke of overdue genius. Moky is a rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard with a built-in gesture supported touchpad that is invisible – one does not need to carry separate touchpad or mouse. The design is so intelligent you don’t need to make awkward wrist movements to reach it, simply scroll and pinch to zoom in the same space where you type.

The keyboard has embedded Infrared laser sensors at the corners which create a virtual touchpad field, once triggered can tell where your fingers are moving. These touchless swipes are later converted into navigation. On tapping, it replicates them as mouse clicks.

MOky-keyboard-Technosearch-5Though the work is still in progress Moky claims to have a working prototype as can be seen in the video below. The aim is to have a finished keyboard which is 8mm thick.

The design does also still require the user to hold down a key at the bottom of the keyboard to turn the touchpad on, so it’s not entirely touchless. It is pretty sleek, neat and saves a lot of desk space.

The Korean team has plans to release Moky around this October. Currently they are raising crowdfunds on Indiegogo to turn their idea into a shipping product. The Korean team behind the prototype are planning to turn their idea into a shipping product. They have successfully raised around $153,301 at the time of writing, surpassing their original funding goal of $30000.
MOky-keyboard-Technosearch-2The Moky is claimed to work with Windows, Mac and Android supporting two-point multi-touch.The touchpad element won’t work with iOS Apple currently does not support mouse input on iOS. It will be offered in Moky Orange, Moky Black.




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