Pebble Core Available For $69 On Kickstarter

Pebble Core-Technosearch-1Pebble known for its line of Smartwatches on Tuesday launched its first non-smartwatch device, called the Core. The Pebble Core can be simply clipped onto your clothes and costs somewhere around $69. It certainly is the best device for people who wish to listen to Spotify music and track their workout without their smartphones.

Pebble Core has dual capabilities as a fitness tracker and a music player. It is configured with a 4GB built in storage, where you can sync approximately 500 to 1000 Spotify songs and playlists. The Core can either be plugged in a wired headphone or wireless headphones, as it also supports Bluetooth.

Honestly while running we do not need the power of the smartphones, simply for fitness tracking or playing music. Apart from this, they are uncomfortable during a workout. Comparatively, Core just suits what you would like to have while in the gym or a park, it’s portable and lightweight. The Core has wireless charging capacity and connects using the 3G network, enabling you to access all basic features from an app, like your UBER location. It also includes the feature to send SOS to emergency services in your location in case your in a sticky situation.
Pebble Core-Technosearch-2Another device which comes close to the Pebble Core is a Kickstarter project called Mighty. Both devices can sync Spotify Premium playlists and lets you listen to your music without your smartphone. Though Mighty does not have any fitness tracking features like the Pebble Core does.

The Core comes with its own drawback which includes the lack of  heart beat monitor and users cannot view their data in real time as it has no display to show. The Core can either be connected to the Pebble latest smartwatches which have inbuilt heart rate monitors to check your heart rate and distance/pace data in real-time. Or simply wait till you get back home and sync with your favourite fitness app on your smartphone.

Currently, Core is up for pre-orders now on Kickstarter for $69, but the company promises to begin shipping in early 2017. So until then wait to grab your hands on it. The product idea is superb and we are excited to see if it lives up to its potential.


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