Sada Gianluca – Hubless Foldable Sada Bike

Sada Bike-TechnoSearch

Bikes have been around for many years and various changes have taken place. There is an addition to the ever improving standards of bikes it’s called the Sada Bike. Gianluca Sada and Italian born in the province of Salerno, Battipaglia during his last year at the university studies at the Politecnico di Torino, developed a Hubless Foldable Sada Bike. This bike has no spokes like normal bikes we have known. It can be converted to be a shoulder backpack and a trolley. The patent is already filed in Europe and USA. Palmec Snc. a company specializing in precision engineering finished the prototype in December2011.


There have been numerous studies conducted to make the bikes foldable and easy to transport while commuting. These efforts though have been less successful and the flexibility was achieved, the size was reduced considerably. Generally, these bikes would have smaller frames and wheels making it very unstable. The traditional bikes have a rigid chassis which makes it inflexible during transport on public transport.


The Sada Bike stands out as it comes with a standard dimension(26” Wheels) and folds down to a small size which is easy to transport. The hubless bike has a design that focuses on saving space and features a frame which can be packed in a regular size backpack with other objects. The traditional bikes get their strength from the tension of the spokes whereas the Sada Bike it is put into the rims. The Sada Bike has spokeless wheels. The Sada Bike can be easily be folded to the size of an umbrella with one movement making it a comfortable for commuters who need to make a lot of short trips.

Personal style and extreme versatility make the Sada Bike very dynamic than the traditional bikes. This sure would create interest in bicycles which is perhaps required in this environmentally friendly age.



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