Turn Any Surface Into Touchscreens- Touchjet Pond


It would be so nice to have a Projector, Virtual Touchscreen, Android Computer all in one device, Touchjet presents Pond which is just what you desired. Touchjet’s Pond is a tiny wireless pico projector with Android Operating system which can convert any surface into a giant 80-inch touch screen. Pond helps to project any apps from the small screen of your mobile or tablet to up to 80 inch of the space on the wall or table.Pond-TechnoSearch-2

Pond comes with 2 powerful stylus which makes working with pinpoint precision just like we are used to working with the smartphones and tablets. The Pond can be connected via Wifi or HDMI to your Mac or PC, it can also be connected via the remote Touchjet App and control via the stylus provided.Pond-TechnoSearch-3

The Pond comes with an air mouse remote which can also be used as a pointing device to navigate around the screen. The projector has no trouble keeping up with games like Fruit Ninja or drawing apps.Pond-TechnoSearch-4

The Pond can be used as a White board in a Classroom, Interactive Meetings, Interactive Table, Annotate Presentation, Watch Movies, Play Games or be an artist possibilities are endless. It is now available for $599 here.


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