Nitendo’s Super Mario Game For iOS and Android Users

super_mario_technosearch-1We have been hearing a lot about Pokemon Go, now get ready the popular game from Nintendo on your smartphone. After disclosing that Nintendo is bringing a new Super Mario game to iOS at yesterday’s event, today yet another announcement about its intention to bring the game on Android devices.

Super Mario is a popular game in which the titular character runs and jumps across the screen collecting coins. Nintendo has been resisting to bring the most beloved gaming property to mobile devices in recent years.

Gamers need not worry about the game being released only for iOS devices as there is good news for Android gamers as well. Nintendo speaking to  Kotaku said-”We do intend to release the game on Android devices at some point in the future.”

Shigeru Miyamoto creator of some of the most critically acclaimed and best-selling video games of all time suggested the game may be exclusive to iOS for a limited period of time before heading to Android devices.

Though while speaking on stage he said it would come to iOS “first”. Though nothing specifically mentioned, Nintendo said that Super Mario Run will be coming to iOS later this year, but its arrival on Android appears to be a bit more open-ended.

The statements made today have certainly an assuring for Android owners to know that they’ll be able to enjoy some mobile Mario action in the near future.

Enjoy the game in action in the video below:


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