People Going Crazy About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go-Technosearch

People are going crazy about Pokemon Go, there are loads of activity happening all over the world related to Pokemon Go. Pokémon players arise moving from the comfort of their chairs and going out in the sunshine wanting to capture hidden Pokemon.

History of Pokémon

It is a character created in the year 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri. Pokemon are small cute and cuddly creatures which humans or the so called Pokemon Trainers capture into little balls. Later they are trained for battles. There are various types of Pokemon possessing different powers. One of the most iconic Pokemon is Pikachu- a cute yellow cat-like creature with a lightning tail has been all over millions of websites, memes and merchandise.
The popular handheld video game device manufacturer Nintendo launched Pokemon for the GameBoy. The game has been so popular that it helped in business expanding Trading Cards, Anime TV Shows and a lot more. Until recently it has been launched as a game on mobile devices in the form of Pokemon Go.

About Pokemon Go

Earlier in the year 2014 google has featured a version of Google Maps where users search for Pokemon and capture, it was called Pokemon Challenge was a merely an April Fools joke. Today there are billions of users using the smart phones and by default has evolved as a portable gaming device of choice. Eventually, what started as a joke is now on every mobile device you can imagine.

What makes Pokemon Go special is that it based on Augmented Reality which brings gaming into the physical world. Users simply walk around the city and capture hidden Pokemon using a Poke Ball. Later on, these captured creatures can be trained and fight each other in arenas.

It has a already become a  popular fitness app where users can track the Pokemon via the game and keep fit tracking it down the park or a street around you.


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