Pokemon GO Game Account Selling for $100 on eBay

Pokemon GO Game-TechnosearchEver since its launch on July Pokemon Go game has taken the world by storm. People are going crazy about the game and the addiction for this game has reached new levels. Some players have been innovative with the use of drones and hacking methods to gain an advantage by speeding up their progress in the game.Apart from all the action, it’s money time for a few Pokemon Go game players wanting to sell their accounts online, for all their hard earned work of catching and leveling their Pokemon collection. Many Pokemon Go gamers are putting their accounts up for sale on cyber marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist and also on Facebook. Pokemon Go game accounts  selling for cool $100 on eBay.

It amazing the price at which these accounts are being sold for, there have also been listing for sale at a price tag of $499.99. There has been a large number of Pokemon hunters who have been unsuccessful in hunting down the creatures in spite of putting in their best efforts. Also, it has been noticed that there is no uniformity as far as citing the virtual creature in urban and rural areas, where certain virtual creatures tend to appear more in urban areas compared to rural areas. All this cooks up a nice recipe for trading Pokemon Go game accounts online, which give them an opportunity to get more types of Pokemon. Apart from this the difference in the PokeStops as smaller number of player being spread out over larger terrain and the lures being dropped there are less

Prices online differ depending on the level of the game the Pokemon Go gamers have managed to achieve. In general, an account listed at level 14 were going for $100, the ones sitting at level 15 for $175 on a site like eBay. Whereas accounts at level 10 were being offered for around $50. Niantic Labs the game developers of this game do not support this activity and strongly considers it as cheating.

Niantic has officially on its website section related to the Trainer’s Guidelines mention that users are not allowed to buy or sell accounts and that gamers caught manipulating by trying to login using a different Gmail address could be hit with a soft ban. It’s not clear what action will be taken right now. Incase Niantic decides to crack down on selling accounts or add in the ability to trade Pokemon in the future this trade might slow down.

Presently Pokemon Go is available in certain regions of the world, Niantic is planning to roll out the game for more regions as soon as the server issues are resolved. Currently, Pokemon Go is the top free and top grossing app on Apple’s App as well as Google Play. One of the renowned research firms SensorTower stated that Pokemon Go has topped more than 20 million downloads worldwide.


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