Treasure Hunt Go Answer To Pokemon Go

Treasure Hunt Go Nashik TechnosearchThere has been a lot of buzz around Pokemon Go and it at times is boring playing the pirated version. Here is India’s answer to Pokemon Go, Zabuza Labs a Nashik-based game developer brings the augmented reality game called Treasure Hunt Go. It turns out to be as interesting as Pokemon Go.

Treasure Hunt GO | Nashik was launched on Wednesday and is personalised for Nashik city. The game is developed in such a way as to give the players live experience similar to Pokemon Go and also impart knowledge about Nashik’s Landmarks.

Manas Gajare, head of Zabuza lab commented on the occasion saying “At Zabuza, the innovative developers of Nashik make simple casual mobile games. Looking at the craze for Pokemon Go among the youth, we have released the free-to-play , location-based augmented reality game ‘Treasure Hunt Go Nashik’.Android users can download it from Google Play ,”

Treasure Hunt Go Nashik Technosearch 2Gajare further went on to say the game is developed with the intention to popularise mobile games promoting physical activities. The game can be downloaded free and users prompted with a nearby destination where they have to reach following a map visible on their phones. On successfully reaching the destination the users are awarded 10 points and a puzzle about the target destination. The game covers over 60 destinations in Nashik already added to the games database.

Explaining the game in brief Gajre said – “Nashik has many temples, landmarks, and popular food joints. The knowledge of these locations brings a complete picture of the city. While playing Treasure Hunt Go, one will have to solve a puzzle and guess the location to reach there with the help of the map. Once reached, the user will get points and puzzle about the next location. The points could be used to get hints to solve the puzzle,”

The developers are confident about the game’s success and vision of developing similar versions for different cities. The game is an instant hit amongst Nashikites with around 400 downloads within hours after its official launch.

Gajare further said – “Our most successful game till now is Balloon Bow Arrow, which has been No 1 in the Top Free Games category on Google Play store in India, surpassing the likes of Angry Birds and Temple Run. I think treasure hunt will taste the similar success. This is the first Indian version of the augmented game,”

The makers of Treasure Hunt Go are confident about the games success. They confirmed it had added features compared to Pokemon Go. The developers claim it to be safer as players need not hold the phone in hand while searching for the treasure. The treasure is present at the location specified. Players can simply use the phone on reaching the destination, all locations are mostly public places making it safe to access. Making the dangerous locations count of zero.

The Treasure Hunt Go covers popular destination in Nashik like Navashya Ganpati temple, Someshwar temple, Ramkund. Some popular food joints like Sadhan Misal, Owara, Nandan panipuri and Shaukin bhel.


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