5 Ways Smartphones Help To Find Way

smartphones-TechoSearch2At heart, we have an explorer inside us.We all love to explore the nature the wilderness around us. It is pretty exciting as well as calming to be amongst nature. Sometimes we may set off on a wrong path and lose our way and get lost in the wilderness. Finding our way back is not easy, this is where having smartphones can come in handy. Suggested few ways will get you back home safe and sound using your Smartphones.

5 Ways To Find Your Way Back Home Using Smartphones

  • Navigate back home

smartphone-TechoSearch1There is an inbuilt digital compass and GPS navigation tool in most of the smartphones today which help in determining the location and direction of travel. Various apps provide online and offline maps which act as powerful tools while we are lost and wish to find our way back home. Think of being prepared for such situation before time will come in handy. Download relevant sections of maps while you have access to the internet and later these maps would be a life saver in case of a bad scenario. Google Maps offers this features and the app is available for iOS and Android Platform.

The GPS functionality to work requires a data connections the offline maps might come in handy in such a situation. Honestly, if you’re lost in the wilderness and No Service is frustratingly showing on the phone’s display, you’re going to be out of luck. So we can use offline maps and digital compass to find our way back.

The future sure holds some good news where integrating satellite location technology with cell phones. This will be a game changer as will be a game-changer, as once satellite location is possible, a phone can literary act as a homing beacon for a lost survivor.

  • Light it up

smartphone-TechoSearch3It is obvious to have a built-in flash with the camera in most of the smartphones these days.
This can act as a bright flashlight as well. Most of the Android phones can install an app to get the flashlight to working. Even the iOS has a flashlight feature which is found in the menu pulled up from the bottom of the screen. The flashlight not only shows the way ahead in the dark low light conditions and caves but also doubles up as a night time rescue signal that can be seen for miles.

  • Charge your phone

smartphone-TechoSearch4All smartphones are useless without if they run out of power. It becomes more important while you’re lost in the wilderness as without your phone being charged you will run a higher risk of failing to get back home. Make it a hand rule to carry an extended battery pack whenever you are out exploring. Always try to conserve battery which can be done by completely switching off your phone or putting it on Airplane mode. Avoid playing games will also be battery saver in such situations. It would more beneficial if u have a solar phone charger along with you which can prove to be a source of an unlimited power generator for your phone.

  • Ping me

smartphone-TechoSearch5At times we may not find a signal, which will allow us to make a rescue call back home to family friends and well wishers. This does not mean that you cannot ask for help. The phones always transmit a signal to the nearby network towers try to receive signal. This very nature of the phones can help rescuers to find your location. If you are not carrying an external battery pack or a charger it is best to conserve the battery. You can shutdown the phone and restart it every 30 minutes which will sufficient for it to send out a ping. Apart from this a text message also has a better chance of getting through compared to making calls when the network is lost or is weak.

  • Desperate Measures

smartphone-TechoSearch6In case you are not carrying any lighters or matchbox to light fire. You need not worry as you can always use the phone battery to start one. Simply remove the battery and run a wire between the two terminals to short circuit it. This heat up the wires red hot use some very fine wood shavings or wool which get easily inflated. Later this will light the tinder you prepared before. The battery will be unusable but it will sure light a fire to keep you warm or cook a meal.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If everything seems to have gone wrong there is one more trick which can save you. It is crude but sure works, simply smash your phone with a big rock which will damage the phone completely and cannot be used ever again.
We can salvage a few crucial parts from the debris like metallic material behind the screen which can act as a reflector for attracting attention. Hard circuit boards are sharp and can be used as cutting tools.


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