How To Click Good Selfie


Cellphone are better these days and so are the cameras which come along with them. We get higher resolutions for better picture quality, one can attach the lens as well which is simply narrowing down the gap between commercial cameras. The commercial cameras are costly and just focus more on shooting a photo. A cell phone comes handy as you can simply shoot a selfie and share the photo to anyone over the social media.

  • Here are a few tips which will help you click good selfies.Use Proper Lighting : Finding the correct light for the Selfie is very important. A Selfie taken with your back towards the window will give you Backlight look. This makes the photos look softer and mysterious. Whereas if you click one with you facing the window or any main light source,it will give much brighter and sharper pictures.
  • Lighting is Not Good : In some cases when the lighting is not so good, need not worry. Simply swipe the highlighters on your cheeks, nose and forehead. This will give your skin an amazing glow without using any filters.
  • Check the angels : Extend your arm out away from your face, smile and click. This will reduce the Fishbowl Effect. Take some tests with your camera place horizontally , some while it’s positioned vertically, try to adjust the distance and practice. Some people look good in landscape photos while others in portraits. The more you learn about your bad angles you will get better at clicking photos. Try not to scrunch your head into your neck which would give a double chin effect. Elongate the neck as it will give a nice posture and a great photo. Keep trying different angels and study their face as one would only realize then what angel suits them best.
  • Wear your favorite lipstick : Always wear a bright lipstick this will give your pic a cool focal point and will take your kissy face selfie to the next level.
  • Use Right Background : You should be aware of the backgrounds while shooting a selfie. Having a cluttered background like in a dirty bedroom with piles of clothes. Its best advised to click with a good clear background. Try looking for solid colored walls, textured curtains or any place without clutter.


  • Being steady while you pose: It’s very important to be still while clicking selfies as one cannot rely on someone else to have steady hands while clicking. Having a still posture will give you clear and no wobbly pictures over and over. It sure will need some practice keeping your arms steady while you click.
  • No Mirrors : Make sure you don’t have a mirror in the picture or take a selfie while you are staring into a mirror. In general such selfies dont look great.
  • Fan yourself : Be like a pro to¬†use the photographer’s trick they use when they shoot for magazine covers. Use a fan to create a glamorous movement in your hair. Just be sure that the wind is not too strong to mess your perfect hair do.
  • Find Your Signature Pose: All feel confident about yourself while clicking a selfie. When you feel great, you look great! Find a signature pose that makes you feel hot no matter what the situation. Give less of your duck face pose, instead try the kissy face. Try various poses find the right one for you.
  • Editing : There are many Apps and photo editing software tools available online to edit your photos. You can give a cool vintage or a retro look with a black and white filter or give a warm, cool look with a fuzzy golden filter. Use of filters just gives a added glow or blur a few blemishes overall adding a special something to the otherwise plain photo.

Lastly, would also like to mention the introduction of the selfie stick which one can use as an extension of their arm to get some real cool wider images. You may or may not be able to get a very perfect selfie, but always remember to smile.


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