How To Boost Cellphone Signal For A Wifi Hotspot

The Internet has taken over our lives in a big way, we are browsing the internet for accessing various apps and websites gather information. Many users are able to access it via the cell phone signals which make data connection available to Wifi enabled devices and also on those without cellular connectivity.

Many users among us are familiar with Wifi device connectivity and use hotspots for data connectivity it is a known trouble where wifi signals keep dropping. There is no reason to worry as we will show you a solution to make a hotspot work in locations with questionable cell signal.

Preliminary steps

Whenever you face issue related to your hotspot connectivity try to change the location of your hotspot. Try to move around in different rooms in your apartment or try to position on a different level of your house to see if you get a better cell reception. Generally, it has been observed trying different locations in your house can fix the issue once you find a place that provides a better reception.

Modern houses are made up of building materials that tend to obstruct cellular signals like brick walls or a shiny roof, though glass proves to be a material that can readily allow a signal to pass through.

Apart from this try to access the apps or websites of various mobile service providers to help located the exact location of cell towers in your area for various carriers. Once the carrier’s nearest tower position is located you can place the hotspot in the room or next to windows in the house nearest to the tower.

Get a Booster

If you fail to get signal reception even after trying the preliminary steps you may need to use a cell phone signal booster. A booster helps in providing a stronger, reliable signal for the hotspot and ensures that devices with Wifi connectivity stay connected.

An indoor cell signal booster can also help you get a better reception if you’re using a hotspot in your home or office. You place the hotspot as close as you can to the indoor cell signal booster antenna which will enable it to receive the strongest signal possible.
Likewise, the hotspot comes in handy while you convert your car into a mobile office or while you are away on a road trip with friends and family. A cell signal booster ensures that Wifi data traffic works smoothly without interruptions.

How to boost wifi signal in your car?

There a number of cradle wifi signal boosters available online which will help you get a seamless wifi connectivity while you are travelling by car.

The cradle wifi signal booster sends an amplified cell signal to all cellular enabled devices in the cabin of your vehicle. This enables everyone in the car stay connected to the wifi even while you answer an incoming call with your wireless handset.
Another advantage of the cell phone booster is that it increases the data speeds giving faster uploads and downloads. In addition to this, it also improves the reception signals for your phone and improves coverage.


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