Latest Wearable Microscope Sees Beneath Your Skin

A wearable microscope is developed by UCLA and Verily, Google Alphabet’s life sciences division which will prove to be of great help to doctors in the near future.The device is able to track fluorescent biomarkers inside the skin, which can prove to be a vital tool in detecting certain cancers and monitor the delivery of drugs in the patient’s body. The biomarkers are primarily made of glow in the dark dyes which can be seen by the medical professionals as they journey around your veins.wearable_microscope_technosearchCurrently, the technology to track is available, though it isn’t cost effective and portable for day to day care. This is where the new device will be of great help as it can do the same job more effectively and economically. Cancer patients can simply strap the device onto their biceps for real-time tracking of their medication. The wearable microscope fires an angled laser at the skin and then capturing the illuminated image produced afterwards.

The data collected is sent back to the computer where an algorithm filters out the noise generated by the skin itself. The images produced provide doctors an opportunity to track the chemicals in isolation. Further developments in this technology might have several other applications. Slowly but surely Alphabet’s life sciences division is pushing hard to get us closer to the future we’ve been promised by so much sci-fi.


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