The 5 Best Smartphone Gadgets


Every day new Smartphones with better battery backup, better Cameras and various other peeped up features keep flooding the consumer markets. Have you ever imagined how you would be to able to go full day without a battery recharge or click awesome pictures at night. All this and much more exciting things can be done with these 5 Best Smartphone Gadgets you should buy.

The 5 Best Smartphone Gadgets you should buy

Nikola Labs CaseĀ Nikola-technosearch-03

Have you ever wanted to have your desk neat and clean without the messy USB wires or chargers we use to charge our phones! What if we used the air around us to charge your smartphone batteries. Will Zell CEO of Nikola Labs has come up with a Case for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.


This Case allows you to download power from the air and extends the battery life of your phone. There is no need to any extra external battery pack or bulky battery case. The Nikola labs case simply uses the energy wasted from the phone which significantly.

It was known during the development stage that vast amount of energy in the form of Radio Frequency Waves was being wasted . While we are talking over the phone or accessing the internet we are constantly connected to the Wifi Routers or Cell Towers. They are constantly transmitting Radio frequency Waves which are recaptured and converted into electricity. This significantly extends the battery life between charges without impacting the data connectivity or call quality. This makes it possible for users to use their smartphones a whole day without worrying to recharge them.


People love to shoot photos and videos on their smartphones and tablets. Cameras these days come with high-resolution capabilities.Making it really easy and nice to shoot pictures. Not always though as picture shot at night might not be so clear and pleasing. This brought the developers to find a unique solution for the problem the Iblazr. They have now come up with the latest version Iblazr2


Iblazr2 is the second generation in the iblazr flash series. It comes with four high-end leds that provide uncompromised light through its highly transparent 60-degree optic lense. It also has its own battery that will save your smartphones battery life.


It also has its own application for iPhone and Android devices that can control the brightness of the lights, use it with back and front cameras and synchronised the iblazr flash with the camera shutter of your smartphone or tablet.

It is very handy to use, you just need to connect the iblazr to the audio jack and it good to go. Iblazr 2 can also be used as a continuous light for shooting videos. Light emitted from the Iblazr2 is 10 times brighter than the iphone flash. All these features will enable you to click good quality pictures and videos.

Better Rebetter-re-techosearch-01

Markets are being flooded with newer models of smartphones. Consumers on an average keep changing their smartphones every two years. Even though the phones are discarded the batteries in them still have around 80% efficiency left in them. Bigger battery packs and batteries are being made to power the newer devices. The battery waste is causing harm to the environment and society.better-re-techosearch-02

Kiyong Shin CEO and Founder of BetterRe a Korean startup seems to have the solution to the waste of unused batteries. They have come up with a solution where they help recycle the old batteries as a useful energy source.
Better Re is a product which reuses the old and unused batteries. Better Re is a like a power bank manufactured from recycled Aluminium and FSC certified Walnut and Maple wood. We need not worry about the size or thickness of the old batteries we use as most of the reused batteries easily fit in the BetterRe case and are good to go. It’s similar to how we change ink our pens.

In case you need to boost the power of the smartphone, you simply need to plug your BetterRe. If you are travelling and need more power, we can easily use the Better Re which comes with its expansion pack.

As long as we have a battery to reload, the lifespan of Better Re is infinite. One can also personalise the BetterRe by having their signature or a meaningful line engraved on it.
Surely BetterRe is a worthy effort to a cleaner, greener and better world.


Creators Gal & Boaz Zucker claim Gekkopod to be the world’s most flexible mounts. Gekkopod is a stand for cellphone and cameras. Its so flexible that it can cling on to trees. The Gekkopod acts as such a remarkable stand that it allows one to take pictures and shoot video while you are working out in the gym, riding your bicycle and on a hiking trip .Gekkopod-technosearch-02

The Gekkopod had to go through rigorous prototype tests where it was tested for its strength and flexibility. Gekkopad is the labour of all their love.



Smartphone revolution has taken over the world by storm, more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. This might be the case yet smartphones are not a perfect input device is what the founders of The Phree suggest. According to them, Phree is a perfect input device for smartphone which enables you to write or draw on any surface, the words or pictures will appear instantly on your screen.Phree-technosearch-05

One can use The Phree to precisely draw images with minute of details.
Phree has optical tracking engine which traces any one’s handwriting on almost any surface to an incredible level of accuracy.


Phree is a baby of Opher Kinrot and Gilad Lederer Co-Founders and Co-CEO OTM Technologies Ltd. Phree has a sensor that optically extracts motion signals which are then translated into x-y-z information by signal-processing algorithms on the pen’s 8mm by 8mm by 16mm integrated sensor unit. The Israeli startup is making claim to have developed the world’s smallest 3-dimensional laser interferometer.


Phree comes with a mini touch display. You can get your notification in the display and also reply them instantly. It also doubles as a Bluetooth handset where u can answer your phone calls. Also, take quick note or make Annotations. Phree is so personal that one can use your handwriting as a highly sophisticated form of biometric identification, making it much harder for someone to steal your identity.



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