Airobotics – Automated Industrail Drones

Airobotics-TechnosearchDrones (UAV) are playing an important role when it comes to conducting aerial surveillance. It is already having a transformative effect on farming and energy production. These UAVs need human aid when it comes to operating the controls and it is a specialised job and needs some skills. This will all change soon, thanks to an autonomous drone system that not only flies but also maintains itself. Airobotics, a Tel-Aviv based firm has introduced completely automated patrol drone system with the capabilities to operate virtually without human intervention.

They have come up with a system comprising of three parts namely

  • Drone
  • Airbase
  • Command Software

The unit has an “Optimus” UAV that carries up to 1-kilogram payload for around 30 minutes. The batteries of the UAV are automatically swapped when the Drone lands on the Airbase after patrolling. As it lands a robotic arm will automatically swap out its battery and payload. The whole system is integrated with a software which enables the users to pre-program flight paths as well as view real-time video and data feeds.
The Airobotic system will easily find takes in the mining and oil and gas industries as an aerial mapping platform, though it could easily be applied to any repetitive delivery or flyover task.


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