All India Football Federation (AIFF) Website Hacked

All India Football Federation In the latest turn of events, All India Football Federation website hacked By Pakistan hackers during a Federation Cup match on Tuesday evening.

Reports suggest the hacking took place while a match was in progress between Aizawl FC and Churchill Brothers on Tuesday evening. The All India Football Federation(AIFF)All India Football FederationAll India Football Federation staff were unable to update the website as it was hacked. Hacking was carried out by a group by the name “Zero Cool”.

Still, no further detail of the hacking are known but the screen displayed derogatory language towards Kulbhushan Jadhav. He is an Indian national who has been accused by Pakistan of spying and was supposed to be executed.

The Indian official was swift to seek stay orders on the execution from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) striking a body blow to Pakistan.

The hacking incident was reported around 9 pm last night and the website was up and running around by 11 AM.


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