Amazon Web Service Launches First Region In India

Amazon Web Service-TechnosearchAmazon Web Service today launched its first region in India. This region will be known as the Asia-Pacific (Mumbai) Region. Amazon Web Service operated in 13 regions with a total of 35 availability zones. Mumbai will be the company’s sixth Asia-Pacific location.

The company in an earlier announcement already suggested its plans for opening this new region a year ago. Amazon Web Service stated it has more than 75,000 customers and partners in the country already. Amazon Web Service expects these numbers to grow.

The company’s CEO Andy Jassy in today’s announcement said – “Indian start-ups and enterprises have been using Amazon Web Services for many years. With most Indian technology startups building their entire businesses on Amazon Web Services, and numerous enterprises running mission-critical, core applications on Amazon Web Services.” He also went on to say “These same 75,000 Indian customers, along with others anxious to start using Amazon Web Services, have asked for an Amazon Web Service India Region so they can move their applications that require low latency and data sovereignty.”

Presently the Mumbai region will offer two availability zones and access to all of Amazon Web Service’s core services. Though few of the newer offerings like EC2 Container Service or Amazon Web Service Lambda won’t be available right now.

Microsoft Azure is already offering three data centre locations in India( Central,South, and West). Google, has been slow when it comes to expanding region wise, currently, serves the Asia Pacific region from Taiwan. It has a location in Tokyo coming up this year, whereas the company plans to open 10 additional regions in the near future. Digital Ocean another popular name in the hosting industry has also launched a data centre in Banglore.


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