ATM-Like Kiosks In Ethiopia Distribute Movies

KiosksForget about Blu-Ray and disks, you will be surprised to see how in Ethiopia ATM-like kiosks In Ethiopia distribute movies directly to your USB drives.

What looks like ATM points the bright yellow kiosks are in fact are full-fledged self-service media distributors. As reported by TorrentFreak these can be readily found in local malls across the country. From what can be seen a lot is in question when it comes to setting up such machines legally.

TorrentFreak reports saying “At the beginning of this year, All Mart (the Walmart equivalent here) brought in a new machine. It’s basically a monitor with a USB port but shaped like an ATM. It’s called SwiftMedia and there’s a guy who ‘maintains’ it,”

Further, they said “Basically you go to this very big store and you approach the machine and you plug in a USB drive. The screen will turn on and it will let you browse through a massive archive of movies.”

A company named Escape Computing takes care of all the servicing and maintenance of the SwiftMedia kiosks. The kiosks offer various affordable packages for 25, 50 and 100 birrs (or approximately $1, $2, and $4). Whereas a featured movie would cost around three to five birr to download.

“At first I assumed these movies had their rights lifted or something because well, you know, but then I later found out that the movies I had first seen were just there on release day,” TorrentFreak further said.
Further reports suggest “Apparently the maintenance guy torrents all day and stores the data on his drive, the drive shown by the SwiftMedia monitor. This would not have been a big deal as this is Ethiopia and the allegedly democratic government has bigger issues.”

Apart from all this if you are a movie buff and having some basic computing skills give it a shot at Escape Computing, you might just land up with a job


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