New Automated Technology Tested in SA -Texas

Technology-macdowell-640x0Josh “Mac” Mac Dowell from San Antonio Texas came up with an idea, where he took a Stirling engine type of Engine developed 200 years ago and added some latest technology to it. This resulted in building a hybrid electric car so efficient that you never have to stop to refuel, reports Houston’s KHOU.

MacDowell’s has used a Stirling engine, which was created in 1816.The closed cycle air engine generates the power needed to drive the engine by expanding the hot air and compressing the cold air. Though the steam engine uses the similar principle, the Stirling engine has an internal regenerative heat exchanger that keeps the hot and cold air at the correct temperature. It is this ability to keep the air at correct temperatures that boost the engine’s efficiency to a whopping 50 percent. Comparatively, a standard internal combustion engine operates at 14 percent efficiency.

The Stirling engine is mechanically sound yet it never took off in the 1800s, back then most businesses choose steam engines for their industrial applications. In the early 1980’s even NASA has experimented with the engine and able to achieve 54 miles per gallon. Though the space agency never went proceeded any further with the technology. Later MacDowell borrowed one of these Stirling engines from NASA and began experimenting with it to see if he could use the regenerative engine with the latest automotive know-how.

MacDowell combines the powers of the engine and the latest technology for cars present. He created a system that would deliver 58 miles per gallon to a Ford F-150 and at least 100 miles per in a smaller SUV. His model runs at a fixed RPM to generate electricity that is used to charge the batteries, which drive motors that propel the vehicle.

MacDowell has redesigned his Sterling engine in such a way that it simply replicates to have dimension and appearance of a standard four-cylinder engine, making it compatible with existing automobiles. Using this engine you can drive at highway speeds without having to recharge. This idea has been so brilliant that Texas A&M University became involved in the project and have been providing MacDowell with technical expertise and a testing environment to aid in the development of the engine.

In an effort to showcase his original engine, MacDowell plans to drive an SUV across the country on less than 40 gallons of gasoline. Also plans on submitting his laboratory research findings to the Texas Transportation Institute, which will verify his 100 miles per gallon claims. Once the technology is proved and tested he believes his idea will revolutionise the hybrid engine industry leading to the eventual end of the internal combustion engine.


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