Belgian Hospitals Have Robots As Receptionist

Robots-pepper-Technosearch-1Robots are becoming more and more common amongst humans. Pepper yet another humanoid robot has started working as an assistant on the reception desk in Belgian hospitals located in Liege and Ostend.

The robots have begun working since Monday in both hospitals. The robot has a display screen on his chest and a spherical shaped head. It is the first robot used to greet people in  a medical environment, stated his software creators.

Pepper  comes around 140cm (4ft 7in) in height and is equipped with wheels under the white frame. The bot can recognise the human voice in 20 languages and detect if he is talking to a man, woman or child. It is equipped with the facial recognition system as well. Each robot cost around $23000 and presently remain in the hospital’s reception area in Liege.

Though the AZ Damiaan hospital in Ostend, he can accompany visitors to the department they are looking for, said Raphaël Tassart of the Belgian firm Zora Bots which developed the software inside his robot brain.

The Robots similar to Pepper have their components coming from Asia and get assembled in France.  A few small shops in Japan and a few large French malls already have a similar robot tested, generally used to carry out retail functions.

“But it’s the first time that they will be used in reception,” said the spokesman. The company has another line of smaller robots named Nao, they are just 57 cm tall. Nao is already deployed in around 300 hospitals and retirement or care homes around the world.

In Liege and Ostend, they are used as a support tool in the paediatric and geriatric departments.


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