Bra Detects Breast Cancer Invented By 18yr Old Kid

breast cancerCancer is a major public health problem worldwide be it in USA, UK or India. This new invention can certainly bring smiles of many women as it will be able to detect breast cancer real early. Julian Rios Cantu, a student from Mexico has developed a bra which can detect signs of breast cancer early enough and give individuals a higher chance of full recovery. Our innovator is merely 19 years old would you believe.

The young kid was inspired by his mother, whose cancer resulted in a double mastectomy. Julian joined hands with his three friends to form a company Higia Technologies.

Company’s website says –

Would you entrust the life of the person you love to such a fallible method as breast self-examination? We DON’T.

The Higia Technologies applies biosensor development for medical advancement and their efforts are devoted to boosting women’s quality of life by attaining a professionalisation of the self-exploration method for the early and effective detection of breast cancer.

The auto-exploration bra is called EVA and proves to be a boon for women with a genetic tendency towards breast cancer. The patch is applied under the bra and is currently under clinical trials. Breast texture and temperature data are stored in the patch which is made up of around 200 sensors. This data is later sent to the application for diagnosis and warns abnormalities. Early detection is made in a quicker, easier and cheaper. It also less harmful than mammograms which patients often have to wait for months. Though the product does not promote the bra as a replacement to mastography instead it is an additional tool for timely detection.

Speaking to the media Julian said “As soon as there is a malformation of the beast or a tumour, there is an excess of vascularisation. The greater the flow of blood, the higher the temperature.”

This project just won first prize at Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA). Ladies start worrying having to stop wearing your lingerie as you only need to wear this bra for 60 to 90 minutes per week and it will pick up the changes.


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