Autonomous Concept Tractor Unveiled By Case IH

autonomous case IH concept tractorAgriculture equipment manufacturing firm Case IH has unveiled an autonomous concept tractor at the Farm Progress Show in Iowa, USA.This robotic tractor can be programmed using a tablet computer. The vehicle 370hp Magnum is capable of carrying out operations autonomously which includes a wide range of field implements and comes with some pretty distinctive styling, too.

Case IH brand president Andreas Klauser said-“In many parts of the world, finding skilled labour during peak seasons is a constant challenge for our customers,”
This futuristic piece of agricultural equipment is a big hit at the annual Iowa farm show, drawing crowds and for good reason.

The company has implemented the autonomous concept on an existing Magnum Tractor with an innovative styling. It uses cameras, radar, and GPS, which allows farmers to remotely control and monitor the machine with an app on a tablet computer. The machine can operate day or night and is designed to plant seeds and harvest crops, among other tasks. One of the features that stands out is a fully interactive interface, which allows an operator to remotely monitor the pre-programmed operations.

The onboard systems are equipped to automatically calculate the parameters of the farmland and plots the most efficient paths depending on the terrain, obstructions and other machines in use in the same field.

These operations can all be carried out by a supervisor remotely using his desktop computer or a portable tablet interface. The supervisor can easily supervise and adjust paths with a click of a button .

Leo Bose, Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) marketing manager says “We just want to know how much interest producers have in these autonomous features, and what else they would like to see from us. It’s not a product launch by any means. But it could certainly lead to one, or several, down the road.”

The Vehicle looks cool but there are no clear indications when it will finally make an appearance on an actual farm. Bloomberg in a report stated, the concept vehicle still faces legal hurdles before it can go on sale. There’s concern, for example, about the legalities of having the tractor cross a publicly accessible road as it moves from one field to another.

Experts suggest it could take years before these sort of legal details are cleared.


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