Ex-CEO Dick Costolo Twitter Account Hacked

twitter account -TechnosearchEarlier this month the teenage hackers involved in the hacking of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts have hacked another the Twitter account of a high-profile person. Its Twitter ex-CEO, Dick Costolo.

This Sunday a hacker group by the OurMine from Saudi Arabia, compromised the Twitter account of former CEO and managed to post three tweets on his Twitter timeline as reported by Recode.

From the tweets received were simple worded tweets which seemed pretty tame. This suggested that maybe the hackers were testing its access to the account. All three concerned tweets were deleted and Costolo soon was able to access his account.

twitter-ceo-hacked-technosearchAs a result of these events Twitter suspended the twitter handle @Ourmine belonging to the hackers. Twitter has already suspended the original account belonging to the same group related to the Zuckerberg hacks.

Costolo after regaining access mentioned that the hackers managed to post tweets on his timeline without compromising the Twitter profile. He further explains that the hackers managed to get access via an old account from a third party service that cross-posted to Twitter.

The group managed to get access to Costolo‚Äôs Pinterest account and then cross-posted to his Twitter timeline, though they did not reveal the details of how they managed to access Costolo’s Pinterest account. From the screenshots of previous Ourmine tweets, it claims that it hacks accounts to teach people to better secure their accounts.


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