Download Google Nik Photo Edit for Free

Google Nik Photo-Technosearch

Google has made many acquisitions over the years. Recently Google has acquired imaging app developer Nik Software Snap. It is popular for its professional photography apps like Capture NX and Efex Pro series. The real gem is Snapseed, which is for desktop and iOS users. Nik Software Snap also develops Google Nik photo Edit application. A set of Niks Pro apps costs around $150 where it turns images magically into dramatic black-and-white photos, using filters can adjust colors, HDR images can be tweaked and more.

The collection of Niks pro apps makes photographer’s life lot easier. However, just one of these (HDR Efex Pro) can run as a standalone program. Google wants to focus on other products like Photos and Snapseed. The collection is already available free as mentioned by Google in a post. The customers who have already paid for the plugins earlier will get a refund notice message in the inbox soon.

Users can download Google Nik photo Edit free here for mac and windows.




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