Drone Surfing Eliminates The Need Of Boats

surfing-drone-technosearch-1Drones are proving to be multipurpose from delivering pizza, in war fronts, the newest sensation is drone surfing.

As bigger better drones with powerful propellers cable of carrying more load. More propeller gives more power to pull a wakeboard¬†surfer along the top of the water, this can eliminate the use of a¬†boat. As there is no wake, the wide turns and cutbacks make for a free-flowing experience, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

surfing-drone-technosearch-2You can experience this with Freefly Systems Alta 8 drone. It has eight rotors which spin at 6300 RPM and the gross takeoff weight is 40 pounds and a max payload of 26.4 pounds. Though it takes a running start to get going , but as soon as the drones 350 watts powers continuously it will keep you skimming across the water a good speed.


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