Google, Microsoft Email Id’s In Desi Languages

Desi Languages TechnoSearchIn a country like India majority of its population uses Desi Languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali and more to communicate with each other. Have you ever wondered how it would be to have one’s email Id in your own mother tongue. Well if the Indian government finds its way in convincing the Tech Biggies from America like Google, Microsoft and local providers like Rediff, Indians could sign up for email addresses in Desi Languages of your choices.

A suggestion was made by the government in a meeting conducted last month. It wanted the email service providers to enable users to sign up in Desi Languages starting with Hindi. The government is thinking ahead of the times to come. Soon the Internet will be accessed by many Indians living in semi-urban and rural areas. The locals in these regions of India are more familiar with the local languages and providing them with sufficient local-language content and the tools to access will prove beneficial.

During this meet Rajiv Bansal, joint secretary in the ministry of electronics and IT said – “The Bharat Net project will connect 250,000 gram panchayats through high-speed Internet in the next few years, and people should be able to utilise it when it reaches them,” He further said an email address is required to access the most basic Internet services. “How many people in India can actually type in or read English?” Bansal said. Representatives from Google, Microsoft, and Rediff present at the meeting were positive about the technology allows for email addresses in scripts such as Devanagari.

Venki Nishtala, chief technology officer of Rediff said -“What is stopping our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other officers in government from sending out emails to the public from a Hindi email address?”. The general feeling amongst the tech companies is for the government to take a lead from industry follow suit rather than enforce this through diktat.

Microsoft is already ready for the desi languages email addresses with its latest software versions. Also, Google has been taking note of IDs that contain accented or non-Latin characters like Chinese and Devanagari since 2014.

Rediff CEO Ajit Balakrishnan thinks the company can easily implement such email addresses. He said – “Email addresses in local languages is one of those nice things to have, but the government should first bring down the cost of access to around Rs 50 for the Internet to truly reach the masses,” . There is a considerable increase in the viewership of Desi Language content over the internet. He also mentioned around eight years ago they had to shut down their Tamil site, but the Hindi site is showing some progress. Ajit Balakrishnan feels the need for affordable access as well as lots of Desi Language content.

Google’s Chaparro Monferrer had posted on the blog saying “In the future, we want to make it possible for you to use them to create Gmail accounts,” Whereas Microsoft is already committed to developing solutions to help create economic opportunities. It will build IT skills making it easy by the use of local languages, a spokesperson said. “The current versions of Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge and MS Outlook 2016 all support Indian language including in Hindi (eg. domain names such as and internationalised email addresses such as ),” the person said in an email.

Dr. Govind formerly with the department of electronics and IT quoted about the government approaching the email service providers with the regional language addresses. Another Executive at the meeting suggested that the government should set an example and start using addresses in Hindi through the servers of the National Informatics Centre. The National Informatics Centre handles the government’s email database and hosts its sites.



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