Facebook Offers Free Internet Via Express WiFi

Express WiFi Technosearch 1Facebook is offering free internet to users via a new program started in India called Express WiFi. The internet market in India is growing at a rapid pace and in a bid to gain access to this untapped market in rural India Facebook offering its Express WiFi services.

Facebook is providing software to entrepreneurs and ISPs to sell and provide internet services in the rural parts of India through public WiFi. BBC reported about Facebook having already registered 125 rural WiFi HotSpots across India.

Earlier this year, an attempt made by Facebook to popularize its services through such internet offers failed. Back then Facebook Free Program was blocked by the government to support net neutrality.
There has been a healthy rivalry between Facebook and Google and its known. Ever since the Google started its Youtube Live Facebook didn’t waste much time introducing its Facebook Live services.

Google also is extending a helping hand in expanding the internet reach across India. Though the method used by Google are different to Facebook. Facebook has got into conflict with the government, whereas Google has joined hands with Railtel, a government body. This collaboration will offer WiFi services at railway station across India. Currently, the program plans to cover around 100 stations by the end of the year.


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