Facebook India Starts Testing Offline Videos

facebook india-offline-video-technosearchEarlier Youtube launched a feature where users can download the videos when they have access to the Wi-Fi and watch it later in offline mode. Facebook India is also working on the same lines. Presently they are testing the new video download feature for a few users in India. As mentioned earlier these users will be able to sync videos while on WiFi and download them to watch in the Facebook app later.

Facebook has been very aggressive when it comes to the spread of internet access to the people and making it a necessity for the community as a whole. This offline video feature will make it possible for users in locations with limited coverage, making it possible for them to view them at their own convenience. The new feature will bring a change in News Feed Algorithm and it also brings a few antipiracy features designed with the video creators in mind. The offline content is only viewable in the Facebook App and publishers can disable or enable offline downloading from within the page settings. There will be no advertisement seen in the offline mode. Along with this Facebook Live is also getting a new feature where you can cut off another team members live broadcast remotely.


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