Facebook Introduces New Features For Chatbots

Chatbots-TECHNOSEARCHIt’s been a while since Facebook has launched chatbots for its Messenger app. The chatbots make it easier for users to communicate with businesses and tasks like making online purchases.

Ever since this feature has been launched there has been an introduction of over 11000 bots on Messenger. Over 23,000 developers have signed up on the Wit.ai bot engine platform. With the latest updates released the chatbots have got some new features.

The new features enable users to give Feedback and Start Ratings for the developers of the chatbots. The update has introduced a new feature called ‘Quick replies’ which are buttons that refer to the bots recent messages, enabling users to have faster conversations. It has also enabled users the option of navigating in the window itself.

FACEBOOK-CHATBOT-TECHNOSEARCH-1The businesses can connect to the customer’s account with the Messenger accounts, using the new account linking option. Facebook claims to be using a secure protocol hence there is no threat to users information. The bots also have an option where they can send Gifs , Video and Audio files.

Apart from this, Facebook has started rolling out SMS support for its Messenger app on Android. This allows users to send and receive SMS Messages directly from the Messenger App. The tests have been running since February.

To enable the SMS integration feature you simply need to open Messenger and tap on Settings, select ‘SMS’ from the list and turn on the ‘Default SMS app’ option. One can easily differentiate SMS messages which appear in purple colour, from the Messenger conversation which appear in the regular blue colour. You can also send voice clips, stickers and share your location with friends using Messenger.


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