Facebook’s Wireless Platform – OpenCellular

OpenCellular-TechnosearchFacebook has been a popular social media network all over the world. The social network markets in US and Europe has saturated. In a move to expand its online territory, expanding the Internet reach seems to be the obvious answer. Moving in that direction Mark Zuckerberg and company today unveiled a creation they call OpenCellular.

Open Cellular is a small sized device which can be easily attached to a tree , a light pole or a telephone pole. These can help run a wireless network like the 2G cellphone networks,high-speed LTE cellular networks, or smaller Wi-Fi networks like the ones in your home, office, or local coffee shop.

OpenCellular-Technosearch2Facebook plans to have an open source design for OpenCellular devices making it possible to share them freely with the world on a large scale. Thus providing a simpler and a less expensive way of designing a wireless network for the rural population in developing countries as well as regions of Africa and India.

Speaking on the occasion Subbu Subramanian, an engineering director on the project said -“There’s not yet a viable business model for operators to set up shop and bring connectivity to rural villages. We want to make sure people have that connectivity—and that there’s a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem that can spur innovation even further.”

OpenCellular-Technosearch3As mentioned earlier the saturated markets and the move to explore untapped market the choice remains is to expand internet access. Facebook’s estimates suggest more than 4 billion people still have no internet access and nearly 10% of the world’s population lives beyond the range of existing cellular networks. Facebook is determined in its efforts to push the growth of  internet access in these part of the world. This includes it efforts like flying drones, communication lasers, and new wireless antennas. Facebook does not see itself as an Internet Service Provider of the future or a Hardware firm trying to sell this new hardware. The sole aim of the company is to give it away so that a community of players can build new networks.


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