Google Cloud IoT Core – IoT Management Service Launched

Google CloudToday GoogleCloud launched a new Internet of Things management service called Google Cloud IoT Core. This service will enable companies to manage their IoT devices and process data being generated by those devices.

It would be helpful to transportation or logistic firm where they could use the service to collect data from its vehicles. Later this data can be combined with other information like weather, traffic and demand to place the right vehicles at the right place and right time.

GoogleCloud with the launch of this service will be competing with AWS and Microsoft who already have similar services in place. Though the company spokesperson denied it by saying it was more than the competition, it is about providing the service to its cloud customers who have been increasingly demanding.

Lately tonnes of data is being exchanged amongst small and large devices like a car, a truck or tiny sensors sitting on an MRI machine or even a machine sitting on manufacturer’s shop floor. The simple task of validating devices, then collecting data they generate is a huge for companies.

GoogleGoogle Cloud IoT Core promises to deal with all the above-mentioned task by removing the complexity associated with managing all of these devices and data. Google is targeting clients who need to process huge data by offering their infrastructure and services they need to manage the data. They will be offered Google software services like Google Cloud Dataflow, Google BigQuery, and Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

Apart from this customers can also choose to work with third party partners like ARM, Intel and Sierra Wireless for their IoT hardware. It also works well with building applications like Helium, Losant or Tellmeplus.


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