Google To Develop Telepresence System Using Drones

telepresence system TechnoSearch 1Get ready to be in a virtual meeting conducted by drones with projectors. The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently granted US tech giant Google a patent for an “unmanned aerial vehicle for collaboration” called mobile telepresence system. The sole purpose of the telepresence system is to present interactive video and audio between users in geographically-dispersed locations. mentioned in an article on Friday-“Many drones come with cameras but Google thinks a drone with a projector could be the answer to mobile telepresence conferencing,”

Google is considering the stability factors and has made the quadcopter design which resembles letter ‘H’ and the propellers are at the ends of each of the long strokes. According to Google its unmanned drone could provide significant improvements in speed, maneuverability, energy consumption and facilitate access to cramped spaces.

In one of the scaled models a screen dangles off the front end of the drone. A projector protrudes at the rear of the vehicle. The display area of the screen is semi-translucent making images projected from the rear view visible to the front-facing surface of the screen.

The setup will be using two mirrors where one bounces an image from the phone to a screen. The second mirror will capture an image from a room and reflect it to the camera of a smartphone. Currently, Telepresence system makers like HP and Cisco offer a virtual meeting space. Though Google feels that such systems are not able to deliver as the right equipment needs to at both ends usually at a fixed location.

Google is confident this can be solved with the help of drones equipped with everything that a telepresence system features, including cameras, microphones, projectors, speakers and a display.


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