Hack Me If You Can – Pentagon

pentagon-TechnosearchThe Department of Defence has been a target of hacking over the years. The Pentagon, Department of Defence’s Hack program was launched to help them find vulnerabilities before malicious hackers can detect and exploit them. This program has proved to be so successful that the agency. Likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google also have their own big bounty projects.

Hack the Pentagon has already rewarded $70,000 from April 18th to May12th 2016 to white hackers for vulnerabilities they discovered on the department’s website. Until now only five of the public facing online properties namely defense.gov, dodlive.mil, dvidshub.net, myafn.net and dimoc.mil. The Agency firmly believes that the concept will also “be successful when applied to many or all of DoD’s other security challenges.”

Starting this month, the agency will develop a new policy that allows anyone to report the shortcoming in the security not just on DoD’s websites, but also systems, networks, and applications without the fear of being prosecuted. The department also wants to extend the program to cover the services it offers and the contractors will be offered with incentives for offering their systems for testing.

The DoD’s network has been hacked on more than one occasion during the last year. In one such incidence hackers managed to shut down the entire email system. The rise in the number of such incidents has prompted DoD to beef up its digital security in several ways. Apart from the bug bounty program, Pentagon has also appointed Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, to be part of its Defense Digital Service.


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