ICICI Bank Deploys Software Robotics

Robots are taking over various human activities in recent times in a move towards autonomous banking activities ICICI bank has announced the deployment of  Software Robotics in over 200 business processes across various functions of the bank.  The bank has decided to introduce Software Robotics emulates human actions. This will help in automating and performing repetitive, high volume and time-consuming business activities across multiple applications.software-robotics-icici-bank-technosearch-01The software robots are bringing an exceptional efficiency, higher accuracy and a massive reduction in the processing time for the customer services. At present these robots are performing over 10 lakh transactions daily.

software-robotics-icici-bank-technosearch-1Currently, software robots deployed by ICICI bank are successfully running over 200 business process functions across the organisation including retail banking operations, agri-business, trade & forex, treasury and human resources management among others.



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