Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center

Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center-TechnosearchHome Ministry has a hub being set up with high priority, to control over the child pornography and online trolling in check. Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center – a state of the art centre, amounting to nearly 500 crores is being set up to handle all Cyber Crimes including child pornography and online abuse.

Ministry of Home Affairs has agreed to the proposal primarily for effective execution of online cyber crime reporting, cybercrime monitoring, setting up of forensic units, capacity building of police, prosecutors & judicial officials, promotion of Research & Development, awareness creation etc.

India is seeing a surge in the number of Cyber Crimes registered in the country, which amounts to around 40% annually according to an official estimate. The Supreme Court also has raised questions to the government for not taking needed initiatives to check child pornography.

Recently the government has been proactive towards the issue of child pornography and in recent months asked Internet Service Providers to block over 800 sites which had such content.

There has been an expert committee constituted to prepare a foundation for effectively tackling Cyber Crimes in the country. The committee of experts has presumably pointed out the need to drastically reduce the crime against children and women, especially online abuse.

The suggestions quoted by the committee – “This kind of content and websites need to be monitored and blocked. The supporting laws need to be strengthened, parents need to be educated to monitor children’s activities in cyberspace and educate them about good cyber behaviour,”

Other things found lacking by the committee is that India has no centralised online reporting mechanism and skilled cyber personals as well as lack of adequate infrastructure for Cyber Crime monitoring and investigation.
Official assured that Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center will be successful in filling these loopholes in the near future. The Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center will be linked with CCTNS and NATGRID, currently, the two databases containing information related to various kinds of crime and criminals.

The Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center will check attempts made by international gangs to penetrate Indian government official communication network. Along with this, there are plans for an advance application for Social Media Analytics to monitor social media platforms activities related to Ministries of Home, External Affairs, Defence and other government organisations.


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