Intel Launches Aero Ready To Fly Drone

Drone Intel Aero-TechnoSearch 01Intel launched a drone on Tuesday at the Intel Developer Forum. It is a Quadcopter aimed more towards the software developers than casual hobbyists or commercial drone operators. The Intel drone comes fully assembled with Intel Aero Compute Board with Linux operation System. RealSense technology for Vision and comes with AirMAp software development kit pre-loaded. AirMap in general, helps drone users fly in safe and legal zones.

Though there have been other chip manufacturers, like NVIDIA, Ambarella and Qualcomm eyeing on the ever flourishing drone market. Though they have not developed drones yet, they are selling microprocessors to other hardware manufacturers. This includes companies that manufacture UAV’s or cameras and other systems integrated in drones. Usually most of the hardware sales involve filming and aerial data capture components.,

Ambarella is a supplier of chips used in the built-in cameras on DJI’s drones and GoPro cameras mounted on 3D Robotics drones. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Flight platform and 4k cameras are used in drones like the Tencent-Zerotech model called YING. This camera is capable of sending data from mid-flight to Tencents social media platforms QQ and Wenxing.

Intel is also having equity investments in drone tech startups like Yuneec makers of drones that automatically avoid obstacles even in tight spaces, Airware developers of an operating system for commercial drones and PrecisionHawk which makes fixed wing drone and software for agricultural and other commercial drones. This year in January Intel also acquired Ascending Technologies, a German autopilot tech company

AirMap was already a partner of leading drone makers DJI, as well as 3D Robotics and Aeryon Labs. AirMap’s software development kit in Intel’s Aero Ready to Fly quadcopter is a boon for the startup, and is on a mission to “make drones a part of everyday life.” said the startup’s CEO Ben Marcus at the Intel’s event on Tuesday.


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