Intel’s Optane Memory – Run Cheap Hard Drives as Fast as Expensive SSDs

Intel's Optane MemoryWe have always considered a slower processor to be the cause of our computers slowing down, the memory being low or the video card. Though the primary reason for your old laptops to run slow is because of the hard drive. Most of the cheap laptops use cheap laptops which run slower than those having Solid state Drives. Users no longer need to worry about this as small fix using Intel’s Optane Memory changes it all. This chip will cost you around $70 which will transform your cheap HDD to run as fast as a Solid State Drive.

Being able to achieve enhanced performance just by using a brand new type of memory sounds boring. But that’s not true as the memory might be one of the most important components in your computer.

Speaking to Greg Schulz, a storage analyst and operator of StorageIO said: “It’s like a pyramid, as you go down the pyramid the capacity is cheaper but slower.”
The pyramid is made up of the tip which is the memory of the CPU, then comes NAND-based flash storage like SSDs, then hard disk drives. At the bottom come the oldest and cheapest types of memory tape drives.

3D Xpoint memory

The Intel Optane Memory is an entirely new entry on the memory pyramid known as 3D Xpoint memory. The 3D Xpoint slots come right between DRAM and NAND. The best part of the memory is as fast as the volatile stuff, is capable of reading at the crucial byte level and also is persistent.
Schulz said- “Since digital memory was created, there’s only been eight major memories, the most recent being 3D Xpoint. The last big memory advancement before 3D Xpoint? That was NAND, which was introduced back in 1999. “These things only come around every couple of decades.”

Intel’s Optane memory

Intel’s Optane memory is for the first time using 3D Xpoint in consumer-level products.
The technology is already being explored by using it in 3D Xpoint storage drives with 375 GB capacity for $1500.

Intel is offering Optane Memory to consumers an affordable taste of 3D Xpoints incredible speed. It functions as a cache system for your primary storage drive, storing necessary data, sort of like RAM might, but holding onto that data in between restarts.

In the near future, Intel has promised to offer a lot of Optane Memory enabled desktops and laptops later this year. Don’t be surprised to see a sticker saying Optane inside on the upcoming models of laptops in showrooms. Certainly, cheap laptops would no longer mean slow laptops.


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