iPhone 5S @Rs 15000/- In India Only

iPhone 5SGood news for iPhone lovers in India now they can buy iPhone 5S for just Rs 15000/-. Apple has is currently selling iPhone 5S around Rs 18000/- which is 20 percent of its total shipment in India. Reports from ET suggest it is a strategy to compete against the Chinese handset manufacturers. No doubt iPhone 5S has been a top seller for Apple in India and is hot on buyers list who are looking for a mid-range new smartphone.

Apple executive stated that it is trying to phase out with the iPhone 5S model and has already informed all its offline retailers about the same. In response to this Apple plans to introduce its iPhone SE model to replace iPhone 5S. Currently, the iPhone SE is priced at Rs 20000/- for a 16GB model. Apple makes around 50% of its sales online.

iPhone 5s

Earlier Apple was planning to enter the Indian smartphone market by introducing refurbished iPhones to target the low mid-range segment. But there has been a change in plans with the focus shifting to introduce older models instead as they continue to have credibility in a country like India. Though the iPhone 5S or SE might be inferior compared to their many of the Android counterparts in terms of specifications, however, Apple carried a strong brand value which makes it stand apart. Also, Apple has a face value which is greater than any of the smartphones selling in the country.

The competition will rise in the mid-range smartphone segment and Apple will be competing with smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi. Lenovo, Motorola, Oppo and Samsung. The competition will be tough as it will be competing against powerful low priced android phones. Time will tell if this ploy will work for Apple. Are you ready to buy your iPhone 5S for Rs 15000/-  let us know in the comment section.



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