Jio Fibre Offers Speeds Upto 100Mbps Free For 3 Months

Reliance Jio launched its Jio Fibre (Fibre To The Home or FTTH) service in Mumbai. Mr Rushabh Vora a resident of Rahul building in Walkeshwar Road confirmed having access to the Jio Fibre service in his building and residents using the service.

While inaugurating the 4g Services last year Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani, had said the fibre to home wireline service will push the power of data even further, and will offer data speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second. He also said “This is on par with the most advanced wireline offerings anywhere in the world”

Reliance Jio claims the FTTH offers speeds upto 1Gbps, though the subscribers are getting speeds around 70Mbps to 100Mbps. The telco also has plans to offer fibre to home services apart from Mumbai in metro cities like Pune, Delhi and Chennai.

Reliance Jio Fibre service is free for three months, though the Fair usage policy applies here. As per the FUP the users will be able to download 100GB data at full speed, whereas after the data limit is exhausted they’ll be able to access the service at a reduced speed of 1Mbps.

Though the offer is free the users will have to pay Rs. 4500 for the router. The rate for the internet service which the users will have to pay after the end of initial three months is not revealed. The process of registering for the Jio Fibre service is also not explained by the telco.

There is competition from other companies in the FTTH service segment from startups like ACT which has its presence in a limited area and bigger player like Airtel, is also trying to expand its FTTH services. Airtel is already offering V Fibre plans in Chennai and claims to offer 100mbps speed to its subscribers along with a three-month free service offer as part of its promotion drive similar to what Jio is offering its subscribers.


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