Leaked OnePlus 5 Brilliant Specs At Attractive Price

OnePlus 5One Plus is turning out to be a flagship killer after its success with OnePlus 3 and 3T. OnePlus has repeatedly coming up with some great phones at the best prices and OnePlus 5 one seems no different.  Yes you heard it right OnePlus 5 is all set for its launch soon and its specs and prices leaked seem to be exciting.

OnePlus will again continue to offer a powerful featured smartphone at a reasonable price with its OnePlus 5. Details on Geekbuying mention OnePlus 5 to be priced around $449.99(approx Rs.32087/-) which is very tempting and is similar to the images posted on Slashleaks.

Both the websites ie Slashleaks and Geekbuying share similar matching information regarding OnePlus 5.  OnePlus 5 is suggested to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU running at 2.35GHz, 5.5-inch display, 8GB RAM, and 64GB storage. It supports dual-nano SIM setup from previous models and runs on Android 7.1. Will be sporting a rear camera 23MP and front camera 16MP.

It also comes with an Adreno 540 GPU and a 4000mAh battery which will allow you to enjoy all your favourite streaming movies and music without worrying about battery drain.

Though the prices mentioned on both the websites don’t match as Geekbuying has mentioned its price as $449 as a sale price. The listed price on $621.99(approx Rs3991/-) which again is way below any other brands in that category of smartphones. These are leaks so lets wait for the facts until it’s launched and hope it’s true.

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