LG Smartphones With Magnetic Resonance Charging

Magnetic Resonance-TechnosearchWe have been using wireless charging for years, though it is a known fact that charging is very slow using the dumb accessories and the phone sitting on a special mat. The recent developments in the field of Magnetic resonance will make it possible to charge a phone’s battery while away from the charger. Earlier this was possible from a distance of .78-inches which has increased to 2.75-inches

BusinessKorea reports that LG has “completed the development of a smartphone that supports magnetic resonance-based wireless charging.” What the phone looks like or when it will precisely be released isn’t specified, but it’s likely to see the light of day in the coming months.

Magnetic resonance wireless charging is a tech that’s been around for a few years in prototype form, but it’s never been released in a consumer product. Most of the reasoning is because it hasn’t provided a significant advantage over the inductive charging tech commonly used in Samsung (and other) phones.

The magnetic resonance charging reaches around 7 watts. This means that it is fast enough even for the most impatient power users and they could fully charge his/her handset within an hour.

Many smartphone manufacturers are said to be working on developing handsets that use this charging technology. It’s worth noting companies like Meizu, Oppo and Huawei will launch phones with magnetic resonance charging capabilities by next year.


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