Live Streaming Risky With Death On Facebook Live

Facebook-Live-Technosearch-1Amongst the many features introduced by Facebook , Live is great for capturing events in real time as they happen. All good things come with a few drawbacks and so does Live. The New York times reported a man from Chicago, Antonio Perkins been shot to death by Police on June 15th while he was using Facebook Live to share otherwise, casual evening. In fact, this is not the only incident of live streamed violence, but it draws a line for the lack of filters for live streaming. We cannot have censor or cuts on such horror scenes like we would on live TV.

Facebook has not taken down Perkins video. Instead, it has a graphic warning before you start watching the video. Though scenes that sensationalize the violence will be removed, other footage will remain. It believes it will boost awareness of violence and its consequences.

Facebook will not be affirmative about its Live feature is there to stay. It has a strong following of 1.6 billion active users around the world every month and has the potential to impact many people by showing something terrible via live video service. This potential just multiplies in case of FB as it has a strong user base. It’s fine for FB to offer live streaming but needs to curb down on videos that are likely to be causing strong feelings of sadness.


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