Lost Your Phone – Google Will Find It

i-lost-my-phoneIn case you lost your smartphone, you don’t need to worry anymore as Google has launched a new tool which will help users finding their phones. The users simply need to visit Google site and in the search box type ‘ I Lost My Phone’. This search query will redirect to a special page which includes the records of all devices that the user owns. The users simply need to select the specific device that is lost.

The users can also go ahead and view the location of the device on the map, or can also lock the devices screen remotely from the page itself. This feature is available for all Android devices but in case you have lost an iPhone then you can type ‘ Find My Phone ‘ which works similar to the services offered by Apple for its iOS devices. In this way, users can lock their Google Accounts on iPhones to protect their privacy.

Besides all this the page gives access to a user’s account hub, by selecting ‘Ok Google Show me my account’ and the user is permitted access to gather information from the hub.


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