Ludhiana Traffic Cops To Wear Cameras

camerasThere have been growing number of cases in Ludhiana involving traffic police officers misbehaving with public and vice versa. In a recent move, the control further incidents of misbehaviour the traffic Ludhiana traffic cops will wear cameras as an integral part of their uniform. The cameras will keep track in the instance of public misbehaviour as well as record conversation between officers and public.

This move will be successful in keeping a check on the increasing number of bribery cases and enforce stricter traffic rules in the city. Ludhiana has been known to have a history of rowdy drivers who violate traffic rule regularly and fail to abide by the traffic rules. The camera footage can hold the much-needed proof to book such offenders and footage can be used to resolve a dispute related to traffic violations.

MK Tiwari, Additional DGP (Traffic) was quoted saying to – “We have been receiving complaints that traffic policemen have been taking bribe and commuters misbehave with the police. The body cameras will be given to the traffic policemen and whenever they will challan someone, it will be recorded. If any issue erupts between the police and commuters, we can check cameras to find the fault and immediate action can be taken against the guilty.”

The camera configuration to be used by the traffic department will be 16 Megapixel HD infrared cameras. It will be backed up with a 26-hour battery life and will cost around Rs 18000/- each. The camera footage will be streamed live to senior officials via the Internet and this footage will be tamper proof.


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